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Ode to October - Inky Collective Blog


I, like a lot of people, LOVE October and it’s not just because it’s the month of my birthday (in fact I’m not much of a birthday person at all). Everything outside takes on that beautiful golden glow, it’s the start of blue-skied, chilly days for which it’s finally acceptable to start donning gigantic knitwear, and life overall starts to feel just that little bit festive.

This year, it will also be the start of what’s possibly going to be the busiest few months of my life! And I can’t wait.


Posting Kickstarter Rewards - Inky Collective


I’ve kicked the month off by starting to pack and post out the Kickstarter rewards. Prints, coasters and cards – oh my!

I was hoping to get everything printed and posted out this week, but had a slight set back when a small pin in a small cog on the giant press snapped on Monday. A bit frustrating – especially with new designs lined up, orders to fill and impending markets – but it should be easily fixed in time for me to print up a storm next week.

And speaking of impending markets… I’m going to be selling at five. FIVE. Not all at once, but still. Slightly nervous. You can see the line up over on my Say Hello page, but first up is Crafty Fox at the Dogstar in Brixton tomorrow! Please do visit. I’ll also be at the Peckham edition at the Bussey Building on Sunday the 11th. There may even be some new products on the table.


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Ok, there will. There will be new products on the table.

October will also be busy due to moving the presses and setting up my new studio space. Yes that’s right, ladles and jellyspoons, I have found a studio! Hoorah!

In my last letterpress studio update, I happily announced a temporary home for the upcoming workshops at the lovely Old School Club. But as lovely as it was, and as grateful as I am, it wasn’t perfect as it meant the Vicobold would be in a different location and of course it was a short term arrangement.

Well, a few days after that update, thanks to friend and fellow maker Karen Young, I found a long term studio at ArtLacuna, a small artist-led space and gallery near Clapham Junction. After so many disappointments I didn’t want to say anything until it looked like more of a sure thing, and now it does! Hoorah!

The Adanas will be moved in around the 15th of October, and the Vicobold will follow in the first week of November. So I’m hoping to kick off the Adana workshops around then too. I really can’t wait to get started!


Vicobold Printing Press - Rainbow Split Fountain - Inky Collective


There are a few other events to squeeze in to this month too, and a couple of potential pop up shop opportunities, AND a few exciting plans afoot for early next year, so all in all a very busy month, and a very busy quarter!

So please forgive me if I’m quiet on social or if I miss a week here on the blog. Now things are looking a bit more certain I should be able to gossip a bit more openly, but there may still be the odd period of quiet. I might be printing like a mad thing, or I might just be outside taking a moment to bask in this beautiful Autumn. Which I hope all of you get plenty of time to do too!


Ode to October - Inky Collective Blog

Ode to October - Inky Collective Blog

Ode to October - Inky Collective Blog


Have a wonderful weekend everyone, hopefully see you at a market soon!

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  1. It’s so cute, and so professional! I love it! I love all the fall colors as well, it’s just comforting in a cool way.

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