Admitting Blogger Defeat

Crafty Fox Market Peckham - Inky Collective


Well, not exactly “defeat”, but I think it’s time I admitted that the blog needs to go on a small hiatus.

Over the last couple of weekends I had my first markets of the season; Crafty Fox Brixton on the 3rd and Peckham on the 11th. Both were hugely busy though not superb for sales. The consensus from traders seemed to be that it’s a funny time of year as people aren’t quite thinking about Christmas yet.


Crafty Fox Market Peckham - Inky Collective


Still, I got some great feedback and lots of follow ups, not to mention they’re really fun events to be a part of. I’ll be at the Christmas Crafty Fox in Peckham on December 12th too.

In-between I’ve been printing, packing and posting out as many Kickstarter rewards as I can, and I’m glad to say the vast majority are either in the post or with their new owners already.


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On Wednesday this week my husband and I ventured down to the Kent coast to pick up my new type cabinet, and then ventured back to move everything but the Vicobold into the new studio (the Vic will follow in the first week of November).


Broadstairs Kent - Inky Collective Blog


On Thursday, among other things, I tidied up my flat in the wake of the move (we now officially have a spare room again – my desk is a desk instead of a dumping ground of paper scraps and loose type!), and today I go back to the studio to clean, sort and organise.

It’s all wonderfully exciting and I keep having to take a moment to realise that it’s all happening. I have a letterpress studio. I have people booked to workshops, and a waiting list for next year. I have the potential to make a full time business out of what I love.


Letterpress Studio - Inky Collective Blog


On top of this my inbox is crowded with wholesale requests and commission queries from people who either found me via Kickstarter or met me at Crafty Fox.

All great stuff, obviously. I’m really happy about the above. But let’s move on to the defeat.

I have about a dozen blog posts that are only partly written, and they are slipping further and further down the priorities list. I’ve a pile of half-made prototypes and folders of half-designed files for new products I’d hoped to have available for sale by now. My price list is still almost entirely a figment of my imagination. And I keep forgetting to text my mum back!

As brilliant as all the busyness is, something does have to slide (it’s been sliding already) and I think for the moment it needs to be the blog. So rather than bringing you rushed content and apologies every couple of weeks, this will be the last post for a while.

Once I’ve started booking in workshops and established a new routine, I’ll be back to interviewing, reviewing and scribbling regularly. And I’m really looking forward to that.

I love writing. I love feeling connected to you, my readers, and hearing from you, so please do say hi on Twitter or Instagram if you’re there, and I will be back here blogging as soon as possible!


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  1. I still loooove you and your work! You see it was worth losing that job back in March 😉 I remember when we were talking about it!

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