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Do More of What Makes You Happy A4 Letterpress Split Fountain Print by Inky Collective Studio on Kickstarter


Eight days to go, guys. Eight. Days.

At this point, the campaign is 62% funded and, after a mid-project lull, has had a brilliant surge of activity over the last couple of days!

A few people have told me that the lull in the middle is very common, but blimey I wish they’d told me that at the beginning. I spent a week convinced that there was just no way I’d ever get beyond 40-odd percent. And I still hadn’t on Tuesday.

Understandably, updating the PDF designs to photos of the real prints has helped a great deal! And adding new rewards hasn’t hurt either.

As well as adding the option of booking Workshops for Two (after a couple of requests), I was also quite excited to add a brand new product – fancy-pants ‘Moroccan Tile’ paper coasters!


Letterpress Moroccan Tile Paper Coasters by Inky Collective Studio on Kickstarter

Letterpress Moroccan Tile Paper Coasters by Inky Collective Studio on Kickstarter


They were quite fiddly to design, and even more fiddly to print, but that makes it all the more satisfying when you do finally get that perfect impression. They’re available as a £10 reward for a set of six, and I’ll be doing them in a couple more colour combinations too.

I also updated the campaign this week with some FAQs, the most common of which is possibly one of the best questions you could hope to be asked… “Can I pledge for more than one reward?”.

It seems a bit of an oversight by Kickstarter not to allow people to choose more than one reward, and therefore potentially block you from gaining as much as you could. The workaround for this (and please, if you know a better way do let me know!) is for backers to pledge the total amount for several rewards and then send me a message detailing which rewards they want.

So now the answer is yes. Yes you can.


Winnie The Pooh Adventure Quote - A5 Letterpress Print by Inky Collective - Available on Kickstarter


In other news, the search for the studio goes on. I’ve looked all over London. I’ve been to see a multitude of different spaces, and I’ve lost count of the waiting lists I’ve been added to.

I was up against two deadlines. One, I only had until early October to move the Vicobold from her current location. Two, if I didn’t find a studio, where would I hold the workshops people had booked (24 so far!)?


Naughty Postcards - Inky Collective on Kickstarter

Custom Naughty Postcards – £14 reward


But then, two bits of good news came in over a matter of days.

One, the deadline for moving the Vic shifted out by 6 months, meaning I can find the right studio, instead of just settling for what might be available.

Two, there is now a brilliant plan B lined up for the workshops. It might not be needed if I do secure a studio, but it’s a lovely space near Clapham Junction… I wonder how many of you might be able to guess where actually!


Winnie The Pooh Adventure Quote - A5 Letterpress Print by Inky Collective - Available on Kickstarter


Though it’s been a fairly stressful few weeks, this whole campaign is making me very happy, and it still will whether it’s successful or not (though, you know, successful would be better).

The number of people – from real-life friends, to internet friends, to complete strangers – who have not only backed the project, but have gone out of their way to then spread the word, sharing across social, featuring me on their blogs, emailing their contacts, telling their colleagues… it’s just been unbelievable.

I hope I’ve said thank you enough, but I still want to say it again. Thank you. I really hope that I can make good on all of this and hit the target, and that you are pleased with your rewards!

And if you haven’t spread the word yet, you have until 8.16am on the 6th of September. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Please. Thank you.

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  1. Everything looks fabulous. Sorry I was not back in time to be able to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign. I am founder and co-editor of We have been having a summer break but the magazine is kicking off again in the Autumn and would love to feature you.

    Will be in touch.

    Best wishes

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