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Aaaaand, we’re off! The Kickstarter campaign launched this morning, and will last for 30 days, ending on Sunday the 6th of September.

In case you missed my post about it a few weeks ago, the campaign is to help fund setting up a studio for letterpress workshops in London, and the purchase of the fabulous Vicobold (seen all rainbow bright above), which I’ve been renting since January. The goal is to raise £5,000 and to be set up well in time for people to come and print their own Christmas cards!

I’m a little nervous, naturally, but as always everyone has been so wonderful and supportive – insisting I let them know when the launch is so they can donate or help promote it – and it makes me feel blimmin’ LOVELY. I like you lot, I may have mentioned it before.

And that’s been one of my favourite things about getting the campaign together; choosing rewards and ways to give back to the people doing so much to help me.

I’m not going to ramble on too much here, as you can see all the details over on Kickstarter, but I wanted to give you a few highlights on the rewards available. Wooooooo!


I’ve adapted two of my best selling card designs into A5 prints especially for the campaign – one for the cyclists (or runners, or other athletic types!), one for the romantics.

I won’t be printing them until later in the campaign, so I only have the digital files to show you for now.

A5 Shut Up Legs - Inky Collective on Kickstarter     A5 Winnie The Pooh Adventure Quote - Inky Collective on Kickstarter


The Shut Up Legs quote will be printed in mountain-inspired grey, to black, to green split fountain. The Winnie the Pooh quote will most likely be in a simple but classic black print, though I have been wondering about doing an option in a fresh, pale blue too. Would love to hear your thoughts! Both A5 prints will be £15 each.

For the £25 reward I’ll be producing my first A4 print, which I’m very excited about. It was only a matter of time before I blew this quote up into a much bigger size!

A4 Do More of What Makes You Happy - Inky Collective on Kickstarter

Blue, green and yellow split fountain? Don’t mind if a I do! I cannot wait to ink the press up ready for this one. It will be limited to a run of 150.

All three will be printed on soft, tactile and tree-friendly cotton paper.



London Mini Maker Faire - Inky Collective Blog


Well, when telling people about the workshop rewards the response has been brilliant! I can’t wait to see who makes it on to the first ones!

I have limited the number of workshops available as I want to be confident I can fit everyone in in a timely fashion. Those familiar with Kickstarter will know you need to set an estimated delivery date for all rewards, and as I haven’t secured the studio yet, I have set that delivery date as December (for earlybird rewards) or January but am hoping to run the workshops well before that.

The rewards on offer range from £35 – £99, and from 2 hours to full day workshops.

As well as these more “standard workshops”, I’ve also included opportunities to have your own design made letterpress ready and then visit the studio to mix your own ink, choose your paper and see it come to life!


Other rewards

Kickstarter is Live - Inky Collective Blog


I hope I’ve included rewards that will appeal to a lot of people. As well as the prints and workshops there are also card bundles, bespoke naughty or nice postcards, a snail mail subscription (quite excited about sending out surprise parcels!) and even the chance to book my trusty Adana and me for a Printing Party at your own event!

If you can’t donate, but you’d like to support me, please do help me spread the word! Share the Kickstarter link around like it’s the best cat gif you’ve ever seen.

I’ll keep you all up to date on how it’s going. Wish me luck guys! x

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  1. Just signed up – I love a printing press, and love the idea of your business. Good luck! (I opted for the snail mail subscription; can’t wait for the first parcel to arrive! Might have to persuade DH that he’d like to take me to a workshop for my birthday…)

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