Kickstarter Challenges: The Search For a Studio

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Today was going to be the day that I launched the Kickstarter campaign. Up until yesterday morning, that was very much the plan. All the rewards are planned out, the video (though painfully embarrassing for me to watch back) is done, Kickstarter have given it the thumbs up to go ahead… but it’s had to be put off for another week now, frustratingly.

Last week I found a studio that seemed to be a done deal. It was in South London, had two tube lines and an overland station within walking distance, would be easy(ish) to get a half-ton press into, was within budget, and even had natural light. I was over the moon!

It was available almost immediately so I started rushing about like a headless chicken, trying to get everything organised and estimated for a move to that location.


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And then, yesterday, I got an email saying actually they’d rather I didn’t run workshops there unless it was through them and under the studio’s name. Why it took a week to decide that, I don’t know, but it was hugely disappointing and meant I was back at square one.

It’s a bit of a chicken-or-egg situation with the studio. Artist studios and workshop spaces are in huge demand, and ones with natural light, that are also either on a ground floor or have a service lift are even harder to come by.

BUT, they do pop up now and again, and when they do you need to grab them immediately.

So, do I search now and, if I find one, put down a deposit before I know whether the campaign will be successful?

Or do I wait until I know for sure, and then hope a suitable studio comes up in time for me to deliver on the rewards?

It’s causing a little stress, but I think as long as I’m honest about these challenges and keep everyone updated (and continue with a positive mental attitude!) then it will all be fine.



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On top of this slight anxiety, and getting up at silly o’clock each day to fit in as much freelance writing as possible, there have been a few unfortunate personal things to deal with which have amounted to this week kicking my butt a bit. I’ve been wiped out by a slight health issue, and horribly disorganised, and a positive mental attitude has been harder to maintain.

But, as always, everyone has been so wonderful and supportive, and once again this creative community has made me feel absurdly lucky that this is the path I’ve found myself on. Even when I am falling behind, or struggling, there is a whole network just a tweet away who will know how it feels, and know what to say to buck me up.

You are all very nice, and I like you.

So, next Friday will be the day for Kickstarter. I’ve said it now, so it must be true.

I’m giving myself the week to work out some alternative options, studio wise, searching South London for somewhere that will be convenient for both Londoners and out-of-towners to reach.

If you know of anywhere I should be checking, please do give me a shout!


Live At The Bandstand


And in the meantime, why don’t you all head over to Battersea park tomorrow for Live at The Bandstand!

There will be live music, food, sunshine (they said so on the telly) and a few of us makers from Makerhood Battersea will be sharing a large stall, selling stationery, jewellery, textiles and homeware. Come and say hello!


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