On Writer’s Block

On Writers Block - Inky Collective Blog


The last month has been a bit of a struggle, blogging wise.

I realise I’ve been very fortunate that I rarely suffer from writer’s block. Procrastination, yes. Lack of content, sure. But a head full of ideas, and a complete inability to get them down on to paper? No.

And of course the timing couldn’t be worse. This month I gave my first talk on social media and blogging, where I talked about the importance of regular posting and consistency. I attended Blogtacular, where they shared a huge amount of knowledge that I want to pass on. I offered my time out guest blogging, so I now have people waiting on me. Plus I was getting ready to launch a blogging side project that would involve a lot of writing. And I couldn’t write a thing.


On Writers Block - Inky Collective Blog


I don’t think it’s a coincidence, actually. I have been absolutely bombarded with inspiration over the last few weeks; favouring podcasts over music, articles over fiction, coffee with creatives over sofa time at home. I’m designing daily, and absorbing stats, facts and tips constantly and I think it’s simply fried my brain. The other morning I went to make myself cereal and realised when I reached my desk that I’d only poured a bowl of milk.

The other thing is, I have more time to put all my ideas into motion that I had before. I’m picking up ad hoc freelance work and print commissions, but otherwise I’ve no day job to distract me. It’s a dream come true, and exactly what I was aiming for, so why do I feel so frazzled? And, more to the point, what right have I to complain?

I’m not complaining really. Or, I’m not meaning to. The whole experience has been a bit of a surprise, so I wanted to share it in case anyone out there is going through the same thing.


On Writers Block - Inky Collective Blog


So, this week I didn’t try and write.

Sitting at my laptop and staring at the screen was making me feel so frustrated and exacerbating the problem, so I gave myself a break. I did some gardening, baked cakes, and went for a couple of lunches. I did some bookbinding (notebooks are coming), cleared my inbox, and did a load of life admin. I listened to music instead of podcasts, and watched telly instead of scrolling Twitter.

And then I sat down and wrote this. Well, it’s a start isn’t it?

I do have so, so much to tell you about though, and to show you that I am going to go back to being interesting, haha, here’s a little preview on the posts I have planned:

  • My take on Blogtacular
  • My first talk at Makerhood Battersea
  • Printing business cards with Patch
  • An upcoming letterpress collaboration (eeeeeee!)
  • An interview with a well known British stationery designer
  • An interview with an Italian designer-maker, inspired by nature
  • The blogging side project that I really hope you lot will be excited about!

Plus hopefully my first video blog will be ready, AND we’ll have guest posts from the lovely Lucile on writing for children, and Rodology On Making Part 2!

Also, in the spirit of consistency, my new posting day will be FRIDAY. Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck with the blog over the last couple of weeks (despite it’s lack of update) and sent me messages. You are very lovely.

Have you suffered from writer’s block or designer’s block? Give me a shout on Twitter, I’d love to know how you overcame it!

Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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  1. It does sound like you needed a rest! And you have such exciting stuff lined up and I am glad you manage to do Inky Collective full-time! I am still here to follow your creative adventures 😉
    Ironically having a full-time/part-time job on the side can be a way to focus on your own thing only as you don’t have much time for going through thousands of amazing websites and need to focus on the essential!

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