Makerhood’s Creative Skills Swap, and Makerhood Battersea’s Making Uncovered

Makerhood Battersea at The Old School Club - Inky Collective Blog


If you are a maker in Lambeth or Wandsworth in London, chances are you’ll be a member of (or at least have heard of) Makerhood.

In case you haven’t, Makerhood is a brilliant social enterprise supporting and showcasing designer-makers, offering support, holding workshops, and generally building a wonderful creative community. And, just to clarify, you don’t have to live in those areas to attend their events!


Makerhood’s Creative Skills Swap

Makerhood at Hub Brixton - Inky Collective Blog


I recently popped to Makerhood’s Creative Skills Swap event at Hub Brixton, and had an incredibly interesting and useful evening chatting to other creatives about how we could collaborate and help each other in areas we were struggling.

It worked like speed dating – we sat with one person for five minutes, and then switched seats to spend five minutes with another creative. The five minutes were spent covering who you were, what you do, what skills or products you can offer, and what skills or products you’re looking to gain. It was quite intense trying to fit it all in, but lots of fun.


Makerhood at Hub Brixton - Inky Collective Blog


Personally, I was offering social media advice, copywriting and proofreading, and letterpress printing. I was looking for help with how to run workshops and any advice on accounting, legalese and finance wouldn’t have gone amiss either!

The first person I sat with was the brilliant illustrator, writer and coach, Pam Williams, who had plenty of knowledge on running workshops that she could offer me, AND she was looking for advice on social media. Perfect! A deal was done within minutes.


Makerhood at Hub Brixton - Inky Collective Blog


It was only a small group of people, but a huge pool of knowledge and skills to be swapped all the same.  I can see it becoming a really popular event in future so do keep an eye out for the next one on their site here and on Twitter. The Skills Swap was £5 to attend and lasted two hours. It was well worth it.


Makerhood Battersea’s Making Uncovered

Biscuit Decorating with The Biscuit Tree - Makerhood Battersea - Inky Collective Blog

Photo courtesy of The Biscuit Tree –


I also wanted to give a quick mention to Makerhood Battersea, who are running their first Making Uncovered event this coming Saturday, 9th of May, at The Old School Club as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival.

There’ll be the chance to meet the makers, buy hand made goods, learn about their processes, and take part in mini workshops including biscuit decorating, screen printing, silver jewellery and crochet to name but a few. You need to book in advance so get in there quick!

The workshops will run from 10am – 5pm and range from being free to costing a mere £5.

Do keep an eye on Makerhood Battersea via their blog, and Twitter as they’re going to have some great events and workshops this year. And if you live in the area, you should come and join the ranks!


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