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Hello all! Apologies for being so quiet here and on social media over the last week – I have blogger’s guilt (that’s a thing) over not keeping to my usual schedule.

It’s not all down to scattiness though, honest. I’ve been spending a lot more time meeting up with people, brainstorming, and designing – something that is very new to me, but something that I’m enjoying immensely.

I’m going to make up for the radio silence now with a bumper post of updates on what’s been going on behind the scenes here, future plans, and a few words about the lovely people I’ve been meeting with.


Pinterest HQ

Pinterest HQ - Inky Collective Blog

Pinterest HQ - Inky Collective Blog


The week before last, I popped along to Pinterest HQ on Old Street for a Blogger’s Masterclass – two hours of furious note taking and fruit eating, learning Pinterest best practice.

I like to think I’ve done quite well with social media over the last year, building up engagement on Twitter and Instagram, but the Inky Pinterest account has been woefully neglected. Over the coming weeks I’m planning to rectify that.

I’ll share my learnings here in another post, as there is plenty to tell you, so watch this space!


SW London Blogger Meet Up

Blogger Meet Up - Inky Collective Blog

Blogger Meet Up - Inky Collective Blog


I failed to take any pictures of the actual meet up as we were all too busy chatting away! But look at that lovely pub – it’s The Bolingbroke in Clapham and I highly recommend it.

Last month during one of the fantastic Blogtacular Twitter chats, I got talking to a few ladies about how much we’d love a meet up in South West London, and so we seized the day and arranged a pub lunch.

It was an open invitation with about ten of us hoping to meet. Due to diary clashes, holidays, and annoying colds we ended up as a table of five, but this meant we had time to properly get to know each other, discuss why we’d started blogging, share tips we’d learned along the way, and generally have a gossip.

It was also a really great mix of blogging subjects – there was Sasha from The Life Wardrobe, Katie from Be Nourish’d, Sarah from Little Beee, Natalie from Berylliant Knits, and me! Check them out, please, thank you.

I think we’d all been quite nervous about meeting, but it was a lovely afternoon and I loved chatting to other bloggers and swapping stories. It got me even more excited about Blogtacular next month too!

There will definitely be another meet up, so give us a shout on Twitter if you want to join us.


Weekly Brainstorms

Patrick Miller Illustration - Inky Collective Blog


A new habit I’m trying to keep up is meeting with at least one other creative each week, whether to sit and have breakfast or just wander around somewhere. It’s brilliant for keeping my ideas and plans fresh in my mind, as explaining them out loud means I think of them in different ways. And, of course, getting an outsider’s opinion always helps!

The sketch above is by daftly talented Patch Miller, illustrator and collective member. We had an excellent brainstorm over a pile of pancakes and have been collaborating on a couple of things since then. More on that soon.

I also met with Soumya, of Made by Molu fame (over more pancakes, naturally), Rod of Rodology (over pastries), Sam Girl of Grey Letter Press (over far, far too much wine), and have been enjoying sunny walks on Wimbledon Common with Rachel (and Dash and little Eva) from Makerhood Battersea.

I’ll have some more news for you on the collaboration front in the coming weeks. A project I’m quite excited about… Eeeeee!


Walks with Rachel Husband - Makerhood Battersea - Inky Collective Blog-


Product Design

Bookbinding - Inky Collective Blog


This has definitely been taking up most of my time. Partly because I’m still a hopeless neophyte when it comes to design software so everything takes me an age, but also partly because I feel I finally have leeway to plan things out and get making on bigger projects!

A line of notebooks has been big on my wish list since I first learnt to letterpress (and, to be honest, years before that) so the fact that I now have the stock, the tools, the time, and the know-how (well, hopefully I still have the know-how – it’s been a few months since I learnt to bookbind) is very exciting. I’ve kept the colour palette to the usual Inky colours, and am hoping to have a few prototypes to show you in the next few weeks.

As well as notebooks, I’ve been playing about with ideas for other paper products. I still don’t know whether they’ll work in practice, so I’m keeping pretty shtum on this for now!


Product Design - Inky Collective Blog


Writing and Speaking

Treasured Pieces - Inky Collective - Georgie St Clair Blog


I was featured on two other blogs recently – an interview for National Stationery Week on the Ellie Lou blog, and talking about my favourite work of art for Georgie St Clair’s Treasured Pieces series. It was quite good fun to try some different photography styling and talk about the print above and how we came to have it!

Next month I’ll be giving my first talk to the lovely folk at Makerhood Battersea, on social media and blogging, and sharing my experiences from the first year of Inky! I’m quite nervous about it, but I’m sure they’ll be nice to me (if you’re coming to the talk, no heckling!).

I’m really keen to do more of this in future – writing, guest posts, public speaking (argh!) and what not – so if you fancy working together on something do get in touch! I’ll be adding a Work With Us page to the blog shortly to cover this in a bit more detail.


Scheduling Changes

Create - Street Art - Inky Collective Blog


So, in order to keep on top of what I’m doing, and put a few more plans into action, I will be cutting back to one blog post a week from now on. I hope this means I’ll be sharing even better content with you, as well as keeping up a bit of blog housekeeping that has fallen by the wayside (such as the event calendar, and a more inspiring inspiration page!).

I hope that you will keep reading, and please give feedback on what is being posted. What do you want to see more of? Is there anyone you think should be featured? Maybe you’d like to be interviewed yourself!

Just because I’m cutting back, doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from each and every one of you lovely lot. So do say hello!


Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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  1. Inspired by your thinking and creative spirit Lovely – it’ll be fab to see your notebooks too! Here’s to more lunching/Prosecco-ing/pudding-hoarding… x

    • Thank you deary! Am really hoping to have a notebook or two ready to use at Blogtacular, so I shall show you then! 😀 x

  2. You are such an inspiration and meeting up with fellow creative people is such a great thing too, I’m so grateful that I know and spend time with some artistic and imaginative people.
    It was lovely to read what you’ve been up to and I look forward to hearing about your new plans :)

  3. Yay, notebooks! I am always dreaming to buy a Inky Collective poster! Best of luck with all the designing and making!

  4. I really like your creative adventurous spirit. I too have made a point to go to tons of creative meet-up groups and as a result have made some fun new friends and collaborated with some inspiring people. Cheers to developing creative communities!

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