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Hullo! I wanted to give you all a bit of an update, as I feel I’ve been a bit hopeless on Twitter and just a bit discombobulated overall.

You see, a few weeks ago I lost my job. It wasn’t exactly unexpected – my three day job had been evolving into a full time job for a while, and I couldn’t/wouldn’t commit more time to it – but it did come about more quickly than I had thought it would.

As much as I had been dreaming of going full time on all the Inky gubbins, I liked my day job and I wasn’t quite prepared to suddenly find myself at home without a schedule. I probably would have spent some time in free-fall but fortunately I had the Crafty Fox Market to focus on for the first week!

Following that, to stay focussed, I started to note down every idea I had, in no particular order, with wild abandon. From the simple to the extravagant. From expanding my stationery range, to teaming up with other people to create whole new enterprises.

I still think that this brain dump was a good idea, but instead of then organising those ideas into any kind of plan, I just kept staring at them.

And then I panicked. I started applying for jobs all over the place, whether they suited my main goals or not. And THEN one of those jobs was offered to me. Not just any old job either. A subeditor role on a beautiful book, for a world-renowned company. A dream job.


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One catch – it was full time. It wasn’t permanent, but it was still full time (in fact it was almost guaranteed to be overtime) and it conflicted with so many other opportunities and events that I knew I’d have to turn down.

When I went part time a couple of years ago I promised myself that I would only ever decrease my day job hours, and increase my creative job hours. And even though this was short term, it meant losing momentum on everything I was already working on.

I talked it over with friends and family and we all agreed that yes, it was an amazing opportunity, but that it wasn’t the right move right now. I’m still a bit worried it might have been the wrong decision but I had to go with my gut, and I’m so glad my posse backed me up!

So, this week has been all about getting organised; setting up meetings to pick people’s brains, working out a few long term goals, and then laying out the plans to get there. I’ve also started a kanban board to help me stay focussed day-to-day as I’m so easily distracted otherwise!


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First up, in the grand plans, approaching more stockists and expanding the letterpress range! I’m also speaking to a few people about some lovely commissions, so I’m working on a Behance portfolio to help support that aspect of things too.

So, please forgive me if I seem a bit quiet on Twitter (other than new blog post announcements and the odd retweet binge!). I’m hoping to be back to my chatty self online shortly, especially now I’ve let you all in on what’s occurring.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how this is all going, and of course share any tips I’m picking up on my travels!

Oh, and if you know anyone looking to spend a small fortune on stationery, point them my way, yeah?


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  1. Good luck Jen – I think you made the right decision to stick to your guns on the part-time front – full-time jobs ends up consuming every last zap of energy and it’d have left little time to big-up your own creative projects. I spy exciting things to come!.. :)

  2. So brave and scary but also really exciting! Hope lots of exciting doors open in the next few weeks to encourage you you made the right choice!

  3. Sorry to hear about the job thing being sprung on you like that mate, but long term I think you’ll see this as a totally positive turning point. I genuinely believe Inky Collective has the potential to grow into a full time concern, and then some. It’ll be tough going at first, but you’ll get there for shizzle. I think having your hand forced sometimes is definitely a good thing. Scary, but good! Adventure is waiting my dear, best of luck with it all :)

    • Thanks Sam. When I’m having a confident moment I agree totally, haha. Just need to have a few more of those moments, innit :) Thank you love, good luck on Saturday!

  4. Well done for making such a brave choice! I am envious! Full timers like me don’t have a wealth of time and I neither have a dream job but hey, I need to pay my rent and spend a fortune on craft books/supplies!

    • Thank you Amandine! Yes I’ll need to fund my craft supplies and workshop habit too somehow, haha. Or go back to the bartering system! x

  5. Definitely a brave decision, but it sounds as though you made the right choice. Wishing you loads of luck!

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