Film Friday: Bruce Farrer, English Teacher, on Letter Writing

Film Friday Bruce Farrer - Inky Collective Blog


Every year Bruce Farrer sets his English class an incredible assignment – to write a ten page letter to themselves –┬áthat he then keeps for twenty years before sending on to his students as adults.

Part of the WestJet – Above and Beyond Stories series. Yes, it’s an airline promo but it’s beautifully made and I love the message at its heart. We should be writing more letters, even if it’s only to our future selves!

Bruce Farrer, you’re my hero.



Found via Betty Etiquette on Twitter.


Film Friday Bruce Farrer - Inky Collective Blog

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    • He is, and so humble about it all! Like he said, I guess they didn’t realise hand written letters would become such a rare thing.

  1. I have kept nearly all the personal letters I have received since I became an adult. Reading them again brings back so many memories. It is very sad that we no longer correspond in longhand as, along with photos, these memories will become just that – just memories.

    • So true. I still have a bag of letters from high school, back before texts and emails! I might have to go back through them now :)

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