The 1k Giveaway!

Letterpress Motivational Postcard - Inky Collective


No, not £1k I’m afraid, but it’s ALMOST as exciting.

To celebrate reaching milestones across social media (over 800 followers on Instagram, a whopping 100 – haha – on Pinterest, and a big fat 1000 on Twitter), and to thank everyone for reading, following, sharing and generally being wonderful people, I’ve made a few letterpress postcards to give away!

Letterpress Motivational Postcard - Inky Collective

I used this quote on my very first post on this blog (albeit in a tiny, fuzzy image atop a lot of words!) because it was the quote that really sparked everything for me. It is such simple and obvious advice, but something that can get entirely lost in day to day life.

I’d love to get this bright little print into people’s homes in the hope that it inspires others to do more of what makes them happy… so I have ten to give away! Hoorah!

All you need to do to enter is follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest (or go crazy and follow us on all three), share the picture below tagging us with #inkygiveaway, and ten of you will win!


Letterpress Postcard Giveaway - Inky Collective Blog


The giveaway ends next Friday the 6th of March, at 2pm, and I’ll announce winners by the next morning.

Good luck everyone! And thank you so much for reading.

Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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