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I am one of many people who became completely addicted to Bex’s clean photography via Instagram, and I’ve loved watching her beautiful, minimalist paper product range grow.

We caught up on her future plans and the truth about changing direction.


You started out studying fashion, but switched to study photography – what brought about the change in direction? 

Believe it or not, my original plan after school was actually Architecture! Sadly I fell short of the maths pass grade I needed to get into the course, so I went with plan B – an unconditional offer from the London College of Fashion.

I must have had some plan that I could be a fashion designer if I couldn’t be an architect. Looking back, I probably should have tried again for architecture the following year. My parents even offered me a ticket around the world to fill in the gap year (I could kick myself for saying no to that now!), but I thought turning down such a great offer from a wonderful college would be a silly thing to do, so off I went.

Within a few weeks I knew fashion wasn’t for me, and I knew London wasn’t for me, but I had met some incredible friends and I had the most inspiring tutors, so I saw the year through. During that year I chose to specialise in one of the taster pathways we were offered – photography. I had received a camera the previous Christmas, and having spent many a weekend exploring London with it, it was an easy choice (it also was the one that had the least amount of fashion involved in it! Haha.).


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Instead of continuing at LCF, I began researching the best photography degrees in the country. To my delight, Blackpool came out tops, which was only a short commute from my home near the lake district, so I said goodbye to London and I took myself back up north almost immediately for my next new adventure.

I have had lots more adventures since, from teaching, to finally finding myself with graphic design… which was actually my plan C. Do we EVER really know what we want to do? Haha.


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Your brand is so minimalist but distinctive, what (or who) inspires you and your product line? 

I haven’t always been so minimal. I have spent most of my life dizzy, disorganised, cluttered – both in my personal space and in between my eyes! It wasn’t until recently that I have stripped my life right back, decluttered, and I have found a more simplistic way of living, which has turned out to be most inspiring.

Less is definitely more.


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You relaunched Love Bex at the end of last year with a beautiful new online shop. How have the changes gone down with your clientele (and other fans!), and how has it affected you and your business? 

Taking time to really figure out what I wanted from my work and my brand was the best decision I have ever made. Before relaunching, I entered into a really destructive cycle of saying yes to everyone who asked me to collaborate, and to every project that came my way.

At first it was fantastic; I was the busiest I had been since graduating, and I was so grateful people wanted to pay me for my work (why wouldn’t I say yes!). But, it resulted in me being unhappy with what I was producing, and I ended up burning myself out. I had no option other than to stop, breathe and re-evaluate what I really wanted out of my work. “No” has definitely been the toughest word to learn in this journey, but it has paid off for me and (I hope) everyone else.

The new website/blog is still with the web designer (never employ your other half as the web designer – your project is never top of the pile!), but you can still see my work on Instagram and in the shop.

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What exciting new developments do you have lined up for Love Bex this year? 

Ooooh, that would be telling! No, really – I would love to expand on this but the truth is I really don’t know myself!

A lot of stuff is happening at the moment that doesn’t even have anything to do with the shop so there are lots of decisions to be made about the future of Love Bex. What I can tell you though, is the letterpress has been dusted off and is ready for action!


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What advice would you give someone thinking of taking a leap in a new direction? 

Don’t quit your day job just yet! Am I being too negative? Haha.

Changing direction doesn’t give back straight away, especially when you’re coming from a “safe” environment. It can be a struggle and a shock and there are going to be quite a few days when you want to give up, so I would recommend taking small steps.

I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of girl and I don’t think I thought about it long enough to even consider taking small steps. I’m impatient, it’s just my nature to jump in at the deep end! I work harder under pressure, and luckily it’s paid off so far, but there have been tough times.

But, all that said, go for it. Work hard and don’t look back!


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Bex recommends…

Mantra – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

My mantra is my most useful tool. I have always worked to the ‘5 P’s’ of success. Those five little words are the magic that help me stay organised and focused.


Thank you Bex! I know plenty of people who haven’t settled on the one thing they want to do, and it is so helpful to know we’re all in the same boat.

You can keep up with Bex’s exciting future plans in the following places:


Twitter – @lovebex_

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