Inky Book Club: December Review of Nicely Said

Three months ago I decided to kick off a little book club feature, and I’m not sure if anyone has joined in with the first read but I shall send this out into the ether and see what comes back!

I’ve set a few rules since deciding to start this feature which I hope will give you an idea of what to expect:

Rule One: Keep it quarterly.

It may sound a little sparse but this is important to me as I know people have their own reading list they want to get through, and I wanted anyone who fancied joining to be able to fit it in to their hectic schedules.

Rule Two: Keep it inspiring and accessible.

In a nutshell, no jargon, and no picking books because they’re the latest thing in new biz advice, or just because it’s been on the shelf and needs getting to. I want this to be about beautiful books and inspiration.

Rule Three: Keep it brief.

These will not be the in depth reviews you find on Good Reads. The whole point of a book club set up is you give your opinion and then find out what everyone else thinks. You discuss, you listen, you even change your mind. I know I may not get a discussion started just yet but if anyone does want to throw an opinion in I’d love to hear from you.

Rule Four: Keep it Independent.

This is something I didn’t think of when I first posted, and I linked to Amazon and to buy the book. No more of that, no siree. I shall tell you which independent book shops (both online and off when possible) you can purchase the next read from.


… I feel like I should have a fifth rule to round it out but maybe that’ll come up during the next quarter, ha.

Anyhow, enough of rules and such. On to the books!

Nicely Said - Inky Book Club - Inky Collective Blog 4

Looking a bit more dog eared than the last time I photographed it!

Nicely Said - Inky Book Club - Inky Collective Blog 3

Our first book was Nicely Said, Writing for the Web With Purpose and Style by Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee.

I found this book really useful. It’s written in a friendly tone with simple examples of good, clear writing to get tips and tricks across without being patronising or repetitive.

I recommend it for anyone who writes blog posts or other less formal communications, either professionally or personally. It’s not going to help you with things like your overall grammar and spelling, but if you’re looking to turn blocks of information into concise, readable copy then it will do you good.

Nicely Said - Inky Book Club - Inky Collective Blog

As nicely written as it is, and as easily digestible as the chapters are (and as much as I carried it around in my bag), it’s not exactly a page turner. Which makes sense, being a business communication guide and all! But I will definitely refer back to it over time.

The only small issue for me was that of course it’s written in US English, and Americans and the British do have different ways of speaking to their customers and clientele. This isn’t too much of a glaring issue, though.

Who else has read Nicely Said? Did you find it helpful? Did you like the way it was written?


Up next, for the Inky Book Club…

Conversations Along The Coast - Inky Book Club - Inky Collective Blog

Conversations On The Coast

Nick Hand


This gorgeous, small hardback is written by Nick Hand, who cycled over 6000 miles around the British Isles meeting makers and artisans such as weavers, mechanics, printers and animators. This book is a selection of 20 of those conversations.

You can buy it from the Department of Small Works for £14.

Conversations On The Coast - Inky Book Club - Inky Collective Blog 3


I can’t wait to read it. See you here in March for a gossip!



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