Inky Reads: The start of the Inky Book Club

I tweeted a while back that we were thinking of starting a sort of Inky book club, and it’s only taken me how ever many weeks to actually get my bum in gear and blog about it.

We’re planning to post about a new book every three months, on the 1st of the month (every three months because we know how busy life can be and that there will always be other books people want to read too), and hope that you’ll join us in reading them, feeding back about them and, if we get enough people interested, maybe even meeting up to discuss (aka drink wine)!

We will always choose reads that are inspirational and helpful to those looking to either start or grow their own creative venture, and hopefully some really beautiful books along the way too.

So (drumroll please), the first book for Inky Reads is…


Nicely Said: Writing for the Web With Style and Purpose

Nicole Fenton and Kate Kiefer Lee


We’ve got a cheeky head start on all of you and already found this book is (as you’d expect) really nicely written in a friendly tone and should be helpful to anyone blogging, writing for social media or websites, or even descriptions of items for sale online.

You can buy it on Amazon, Book Depository,, etc and it’s available on both Kindle and iBooks.

Looking forward to discussing with you all in January (good God)!


Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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