I Make Knots Workshop at Drink Shop & Do


A quick post to say how brilliant last night’s I Make Knots ‘Say Whaaaat?’ workshop was at Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross.

On arrival at the cafe you’re given a choice of up to three coloured yarns and a set of instructions for knitting or crocheting both a necklace and bracelet. Needles and crochet hooks are handed out too.


Photo courtesy of I Make Knots

I sat on a table of three, and none of us had crocheted or knitted before in our lives, but it wasn’t long before we each had a cocktail in hand and a very happy helper to show us the ropes (or yarns, HA).

All three of us decided to crochet (personally I’m a terrible multi-tasker so just felt one implement was easier than two) and for a while all our chatter stopped as we furrowed our brows and concentrated hard on our knotting.


The first hour passed by in a flash and I have to say, I found crochet really relaxing (the cocktails probably helped, but I’m pretty sure it was mostly the rhythmic knotting).

After we finished our necklaces we decided to keep going and make bracelets too! I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was.


Not bad for a complete beginner (I hope)!

The workshop costs £12 per person, with all materials included and runs from 7.30-10pm with table service for food and drink. There was always someone on hand to help and the whole evening was just really relaxed and fun.

I Make Knots runs these workshops monthly at Drink Shop & Do so keep an eye on Twitter and the DS&D events for next month’s date!

You can also find out more about Rhiannon, the lovely brain behind I Make Knots in last month’s Inky Interview!


I was a guest of I Make Knots at this workshop, but all opinions are my own and the fun I had was genuine.

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