House of Illustration (and a cheeky giveaway)


Last week I spent a very pleasant hour or so wandering the House of Illustration, which opened in Kings Cross, London in July this year.

The walls of Kings Boulevard on the approach have been decorated with famous illustrations and adverts for the museum which is a nice extension of the exhibition.





I went to see the Quentin Blake: Inside Stories exhibition, which was really lovely. Full of original illustrations, and sneaky peaks into old notebooks and storyboards.

The exhibition runs until November 2nd, so only a month to go if you want to see it. Go, go, go!

The House of Illustration is quite small, but definitely worth a trip. After exploring the gallery, there is another room showing a film, Inside Quentin Blake’s Studio, which I found absurdly exciting. Being able to see the way he lays his tools and workspace out and see the incredible speed with with which he paints is brilliant.



And then of course there was the shop, which was a treasure trove of nostalgic pictures and beautiful books.




I bought cards and postcards and the lovely book ‘What Does an Illustrator Think About?’.

In fact I picked up an extra one to give away!




Yes, it’s time for another giveaway!

Not only can you win the lovely ‘What Does An Illustrator Think About?’, but we’ll also throw in a personalised letterpress postcard to boot.


To enter, simply tell us who your favourite illustrator is and why. It can be someone famous, an up-and-coming artist, or even your mate that you want to shove out into the limelight.

You can take part via Twitter, Instagram or in the comments below (if you do enter on social media please tag with #inkygiveaway so we can keep track!).

The giveaway will run until 1pm, Friday the 10th of October, and we’ll then pick a winner.

We can’t wait to read your entries!



Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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Jen Wright


  1. My favorite illustrator is a classic- Roald Dahl! His works are so lovely and remind me of my childhood.

    • His books are so wonderful aren’t they. I think they were all illustrated by Quentin Blake though. They were quite the incredible duo! :)

  2. My favourite illustrator is Arthur Rackham, a 19th century artist who’s ethereal paintings I first saw as a child and have loved ever since. My very favourite illustration of his is of the Princess and the Pea in a book of Fairy Tales.

  3. My favourite illustrator is Ian Beck. I think his illustrations complement stories and poems perfectly. One of my most treasured books is a 1992 edition of ‘Poems For Christmas’ compiled by Jill Bennett and illustrated by Ian Beck. The illustrations are magical.

  4. +1 for Rackham… He made the supernatural feel completely alive, and it wasn’t always friendly.. The essence of faery tale. Nowadays Tin Can Forest are doing that too so them too :)

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