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I heard about Makeway Magazine, an interactive iPad app (also described as ‘a guide to artisanal innovation’), through Twitter and couldn’t wait to read and have a play with it.

Issue one, The First Steps: An Introduction to the Future of Small Business, is free to download from the app store and is an incredibly slick, consistently interesting read.




The articles and stories are inspiring, and every swipe or tap brings up new, beautifully choreographed content. I read it on the bus and caught numerous fellow commuters staring at the pages over my shoulder.

Each chapter is also punctuated with gorgeous gifs designed by David Brandon Geeting.




In case I haven’t gushed about it enough, it’s super lovely. And it’s FREE. Go get some.

You can also follow the Makeway team on Twitter, where hopefully they’ll soon tell us when the next issue is coming.

Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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Jen Wright

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