Inky Interview: Rhiannon Selcuk, I Make Knots


Interior Designer by day, Knotter by night, Rhiannon Selcuk of I Make Knots talks accessories, workshops and building her knotting empire.


You say your mum got you into crochet and knitting at an early age, but how and when did you start making jewellery and accessories?

It all began when I found out about fabric yarn and realised just how great it is for making jewellery and accessories. The variety of colours, durability and how chunky it is is fantastic. I love statement pieces too, and using fabric yarn meant I could make items that I really wanted to start selling.



How did you get into teaching workshops?

It all happened by chance. I was looking to hire a space at a venue to launch IMK. The idea was to create a take away kit where friends could make a necklace and then share the item along with the IMK hashtag on social media. However, I’d contacted Drink, Shop & Do and they gave me the idea of running it as a workshop. Which was fantastic, but meant I had three weeks to create and promote the event!

Luckily, I have a great group of friends who are keen makers too and I managed to persuade them (with cocktails!) to be knot makers for the evening. Now I’m so happy I do the workshops. We’ve just had our second one at DSD, and are looking in to future dates for more. It’s the side of IMK I hope continues.



Do you hope one day to run I Make Knots as a full time endeavor? 

Thats definitely the dream, but I’m realistic and would only jump my interior design ship if I could make a secure living from IMK. However, I love my day job and my craft, and to mix the two and create a knotting-interior-design empire would be my ultimate dream!


Is there something on your wishlist to knot? Either as a personal challenge or for a bespoke order?

I’m saving my pennies to splash out on some Loopy Mango Big Loop yarn – it is the most amazing yarn I have ever seen and it’s super chunky and soft – when I make that blanket I will never leave it!

For me, the personal challenge is to produce more kits and find/create yarn from unusual materials. Kits wise, I’m working on ideas to get men knotting! Materials wise, as an interior designer I’m surrounded by materials, and there are quite a few I think would be great to knot with. Watch this space!


What advice would you give to someone thinking of changing careers to do something different?

As long as its something you want to do, then go for it. Just have a realistic head on your shoulders. It’s tough starting a business, however big or small.

When I started IMK I spent three consecutive weekends indoors working on everything from the branding to the website by myself – really hard to do when all your friends are out partying and you see it all on social media! But none of that matters because when you sell your first item, receive a great compliment or meet like-minded makers. You know it’s worth it and that’s the best feeling ever.


You can keep up with Rhiannon’s shenanigans and upcoming workshops on Twitter, and tickets are now available for the next I Make Knots Say Whaaaaat! at Drink Shop Do on October 6th.

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