Print Isn’t Dead Magazine Launch, or How We Accidentally Got Our First Event Experience

We signed up to attend People of Print’s launch party for Print Isn’t Dead a couple of weeks ahead of the event. I was really excited as I’d never been to a launch party before and it made me feel ever so fancy.

On Wednesday afternoon, the day before the launch, I tweeted this:



Then, this happened:



I sent that last tweet off with a slight feeling of trepidation. Surely they wouldn’t offer the muscle to get the Adana across town.

And then, a DM: “Can I call you?”

A quick call with Marcroy Smith later, I found myself agreeing not only to pack up the Adana and bring it across town, but also to run the letterpress demonstrations for the evening. Less than 24 hours away.

I had never done anything like this in my life.

But, there’s a first time for everything.

So, on Thursday I was up bright and early. I made a massive cup of tea, set out my very important supplies and got to printing.


Selected type in the chase, and printing fuel


Locked up in the chase


Practice print


Once I was happy with the layout of the promotional postcards I also made a couple of signs to put up around my table, as I (ironically) had no business cards to give out.




At 4pm I hopped in a taxi with my Adana and related gubbins and off we went to the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden.


By this point I was pretty much running on autopilot so had no time to be nervous about the hundreds of people I was about to print in front of. And I needn’t have worried anyway as it was such a brilliant evening and everyone was lovely.



My glamorous assistant for the evening


They seemed very nice to me, but I respect their opinion.



Check these guys out with their come-to-bed eyes.


Coordinating belt and postcard. I'm such a pro.

Coordinating belt and postcard. I’m such a pro.

Overall a very successful night for Inky Collective, and more importantly, People of Print and London Graphic Centre. They threw a brilliant shindig, everyone was having a blast, and I was very grateful to be included.

Special thanks to my partner in crime and husband, Mark Wright, who jumped straight in to help me keep up with the queue. We made about 160 prints in just over three hours. Not bad.



A few of the cards from the night

If you didn’t make it to the launch you can get a copy of the beautiful Print Isn’t Dead online from People of Print’s store.



You can (and should) read about the wider event, on London Graphic Centre’s blog. As I’m a bit me-me-me here.

Jen Wright

Jen Wright

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Jen Wright


  1. You need to use a type stick for composing lines of exactly equal length, so the letters can’t lean over and cease to print properly like happened on your sample card for Print isn’t Dead. You might learn that at H&S if you do a course there.

    • Hi Graham, thanks for your advice! I do use a composing stick now, and I have done a course at Harrington & Squires. As mentioned in the post, I was very rushed and was still learning at the time (well, I’m still learning now!), so as you say it was far from perfect. I was lucky to have such an appreciative, patient audience :)

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