One Month of Inky

Yes, you lovely people, the first inky blog post was one month ago today.

This month has flown by, but at the same time I can’t believe how much has happened.

I kicked Inky Collective off on the 8th of July with a blog post, a tweet, and a dream. And not a lot else.


I didn’t have a particularly detailed plan of where it would go. I had hopes and ideas of course, don’t get me wrong (sometimes so many ideas I couldn’t get to sleep), but I knew I had to become more involved with the creative community to find out what people actually wanted/needed rather than assuming for myself.

But. I knew I didn’t want this to be just a job board, and I didn’t want it to be just a blog.

I didn’t want to talk at people, and I didn’t want to try and sell anything.

I wanted to use my experience, knowledge and (overused-interview-buzzword alert) passion for an industry that spans a plethora of people and skills.

As the weeks have gone by I have been astounded by the talent some people are still keeping to one side; working on sketches, music, clothing and projects into the night and then getting up in the morning and heading off to work for someone else.

“Wouldn’t you like to do this full time?” I’ve asked over and over.

“Well, yes, but…”, is the most common answer. Something stands in the way. Financial obstacles, family commitments, time constraints. Lack of confidence. Lack of a safety net. Lack of knowledge when it comes to how to get your product or idea or there.

So. I think I know what I want to do now.

I’m really fortunate to have a large (and still growing) network of fantastic creatives with various strengths, experience and skills – from painters, to musicians, to small business owners, to magazine editors, to film directors, to authors. I could go on (I won’t).

If you have a question about breaking into a particular area, or are already there and just need some words of support, I can try and find the right person to answer you.

In the coming weeks I’ll set up an agony aunt-style page and I really welcome any questions you might have. You can send me your questions via Twitter or email. Don’t be shy.

I’ll continue to review courses and interview brilliant people too, naturally, so if there is anything going down you think should be featured, or anyone you’d love to hear more about let me know!

I’m super excited guys. I won’t sleep a wink.

Jen Wright

Jen Wright

Letterpress printer, maker and freelance writer. I blog about the people and things that inspire me, and that I hope will inspire you.
Jen Wright


  1. Well, if you can help me make enough money from my creative business so I don’t have to worry about rent, I’m all ears.

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