Crafty Fox Talks, Part 2: Events

Last week I attended my first Crafty Fox Talk on Blogging, Social Media and Events.


The aptly named Inspiration Table


It was absolutely smashing and I took so many notes I had to have a little rest between last week’s post on blogging and social media tips, and this week’s which will focus on events.

Joanna from HAM in particular had plenty of advice around pop-ups and it was great to hear from someone who has literally been-there-done-that.

  • Choose the right space and location for you. A minimal, Scandinavian-style range will make no sense in a rickety old pub. Children’s workshops will make no sense in the City.
  • Choose wisely when it comes to cost (take business rates, legal fees and decoration into account) size, and flexibility too.
  • Make it look brilliant. Invest in beautiful signage and have a centre piece, or “highly Instagrammable” feature to help get word across social networks.
  • Be prepared! Invest in a toolkit (stepladder, frog tape, etc) for quick fixes.
  • Build up to your launch with social media. Make sure your audience know when you’ll be there.
  • Man the shop. Meet your customers, tell your story and drive traffic to your site.
  • Be neighbourly. Talk to the shops around you and see if you can collaborate in any way.

There are some really useful businesses around now to help you find space too. Jo recommended the following:

There’s also an interesting new council initiative in Loughborough Junction called The Platform, offering free use of their space from a week to a month for locals. I found them via Twitter.

Markets and fairs also offer an affordable way to start selling, or to trial a new product. The main advice is the same; choose one that works for your brand and use it to get to know your customers.

All in all, an absolute boatload of knowledge was shared, and I’ll definitely be signing up to more of the talks in future.

The next Crafty Fox Talk will be around Creative Processes in September. Keep an eye on the website, or follow them on Twitter to hear when tickets are released.

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