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Hello, dear reader. I thought I’d better explain what this collective is all about. For that, I need to go back a bit…

I started my working life in retail, and absolutely loved it. After stints in book shops, gift shops, clothes shops and record shops I managed my friend’s cafe and decided what I really wanted was to have a little retail space of my own.

The organic food movement was in full swing and I saw a gap in the market for decadent organic fodder (gooey brownies, creamy pastas, thick milkshakes, etc – yum!). I sorted the branding, the menu, found a location, scouted for talent… I got as far as a bank agreeing to lend me the money I needed before the credit crunch hit and all of my profit margins vanished overnight.

Slightly devastated, I knew¬†my plan needed to go on the back burner whilst I earned some money. I interviewed for an entry level operational role at top digital agency, AKQA, thinking I’d stick around for 6-12 months until the financial crisis blew over (insert canned laughter), as the last thing I had ever wanted was to work in an office.

Three years later I was still there and actually really enjoying myself. I worked my way up, learnt a huge amount about design fundamentals, technology, running projects and building teams, and made a lot of friends. I even met the man who’d become my husband!

Over the next few years I worked in resource management and recruitment at different organisations within the digital industry – a production house, a social business consultancy (don’t ask, I still don’t know), a headhunter’s – and though I was learning a lot and enjoying the day-to-day, I wasn’t doing what I’d set out to do. I had no creative outlet and my little retail dream of owning a business was no closer to being realised.

So, last year, with no real idea of what I was doing, I went part time. I had never been travelling around the world to “find myself”, and I figured why not do that in London by trying new things a couple of days a week!

I started a blog, I attended courses, I made things, I met new people. And with every new person I met, I realised I was in good company. It seemed everyone was looking to do something different; to start a new adventure.

For my adventure, I wrote stories and helped friends with copywriting for their sites and blogs. I cleared some space in the spare room for an antique letterpress and started designing and making my own stationery. I started to see a way of edging towards a more creative lifestyle that was a fit for me (even if my cafe still only exists in my head. For now!).

Friends asked my advice on their next career move, whether it was to something new and full time, or as a way or making room for their own creative outlet, and so Inky Collective was born. A place for advice, reviews and news of courses and events, and even the odd job that might appeal.

A place for people looking for creative adventure.



Jen Wright

Jen Wright

Letterpress printer, maker and freelance writer. I blog about the people and things that inspire me, and that I hope will inspire you.
Jen Wright

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